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Father and son surveying corn field

Unlocking a sustainable & bountiful future

Perlumi is reinventing photosynthesis for game-changing yield

Why Zero Waste

Tomorrow’s Harvest

The future will be powered by plants. For food. For fiber. For fuel. And to fight climate change. But we’ll need much bigger harvests than today’s technology can provide. That’s where Perlumi comes in. We’re engineering seeds to turbocharge photosynthesis for unprecedented bounty.

Reinventing Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the well-studied process plants use to harness sunshine, water, and air to grow. But some slow plant enzymes make photosynthesis less efficient than it could be. We’re developing technology to eliminate key bottleneck enzymes, unleashing unprecedented potential for plant productivity. 

Close-up of corn leaf
Scientist examining bean crop leaf
Child cupping dried corn bounty


More yield means more for everyone. More profits more farmers. More food security for growing populations. More opportunities for land preservation.


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